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Machine for air depollution 

Special machine for air depollution based on our Cold Plasma technology
Tests and analysis on the already installed machine confirm the great abilities to demolish :

Total dust:                Demolition among 30% and 70% 

Metals:                     Demolition among 40% and 90% 

Ammonia:                Demolition among 35%and 65%

Hydrocarbons:          Demolition among 20% and 50% 

Carbon monoxide:     Demolition among 40% and 80%  

Nitrogen oxides:        Demolition among 40% and 90%

Sulphur oxides :        Demolition among 30% and 90%

VOCs:                         Demolition among 65% and 95% 

Odors as UO:            Demolition among 30% and 70%


Construction in galvanized steel or stainless steel

Free outlet or canalized.
Suction free or canalized

Possible applications:
- hospitals and clinics: Unity of treatment air for conditioning.
- hospitals and clinics: Operating block: Unity of treatment air for conditioning.
- food industries: Unity of treatment air for conditioning.
- food industries: Department seasoning: Unity of treatment air for conditioning
- various industries: Unity of treatment air of the plant of climatization.
- fittingses for air cleaner: Pretreatment to scrubber.

Technical data

Size from 2200x2200x3000 to 2200x2200x6000 mm
Air flow from 10,000 to 50,000 m3/h
Input 240/400 Vac - 3 Ph - 50/60 Hz
Power from 4 to 50 kW
More optionals are available.
ATEX version available.
Fire stop version available.