MCAC Modular City Air Cleaner

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Cold Plasma based unit for air treament in large volume urban smog treament
Complete system to treat urban air pollution and improve the air quality. Urban smog purifier smog solution for #PM10 #NOx #VOC The MCAC unit can treat high volume of air from 20.000 till 1.000.000 cubic meters per hour The core is COLD PLASMA field an innovative technology by Vivex Engineering ---- The environment where is installed the machine is drawn through grids and starts the appropriate path through the cold plasma purification chamber , where it's subjected to the effects of a particular high-voltage electric field and / or high frequency, generated by special device (Modular Cold Plasma Generator Pat. Pending). The generator looks very compact size, has a pressure drop of about 10 Pa and has a very low power consumption of approximately 40 W each 1000 m3 / hour of treated air. Each generator can handle from 800 to 1200 m3 / h of air. The main effect of the high-voltage electric field and high frequency is the creation of #plasma generated in ambient temperature and pressure and therefore commonly referred #COLDPLASMA . Cold plasma gives rise to the creation of polarized particles and reactive chemicals, among which H + and OH- which are the most abundant and reactive. This cold plasma is generated in the air has at least four effects on air and are transported: Polarization of particles, catalysis of reactions not commonly obtainable at ambient conditions; Sterilization of bacteria and viruses; aggregation of particles. The outgoing air from the chamber of the cold plasma has a qualitative content of substances other than they had before, while the content remains essentially the same mass. The air quality in its content as amended subsequently through one or two-stage wet scrubber, where it is washed with water kept almost constantly recirculated. The water that fell from the stage scrubber is enhanced by substances taken off the air and is collected in the basin below, which acts as a buffer tank and raise the pump. A complex automatic loading of clean water, periodically provide integrated water that is absorbed from the air due to evaporative and purge a portion of that contained in the tank and that has been enriched with substances removed from the air, so maintain almost constant the concentration of pollutants in the water itself. To prevent entrainment of water particles from the air leaving the scrubber, the same is done through a barrier of drift eliminators, carefully shaped and spaced. Can specifically fit into urban centers, while retaining the same process technology. This feature promotes greater comfort to people in its range.